Business culture Seminar


– Culture and it’s attributes
– German Culture: Standards, values, structures, mind sets, individualism
– German and Iranian culture: similarities and differences; cases
– Direct and indirect communication
– Regions and cultures in Germany: Corporate and societal culture, education system, traditions, regions, dialects, history, climate, Migration and religions
– Living in Germany: Etiquette, small talk, behavioral patterns, invitations, friendship and social networks,
– How to recognize and avoid cultural shock
– Working with Germans: punctuality, timing, objectivity, team work, creating synergies, reliability; cases
– Making contacts, How to lead negotiations, business meeting and business eating
– Dos and Don’ts of the German culture

TargetsParticipants get an overview of the German business culture.
Duration1 day
Dateon demand
SpracheEnglish, German, Persian
Venueat RoConsult or in your company
Cost per dayon demand

Investment seminar


1. Coming to Germany
– Residence Titles
– Residence Titles for Differing Business Activities
– Residence Titles for Employed Persons

2. Importing to Germany
– Customs Duties
– Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties
– Special Import Duties

3. Exporting from Germany
– Customs Declaration
– Export Administration Regulation

4. Business Registration
– Regulatory Authority
– Commercial Register

5. Company Establishment
– Legal Form of Organisation
– Pros and Cons of Legal Forms
– Branch Offices

6. German Banking System and Sourcing
– German Banking Institutions
– Banking Regulations and the Impact of the EC
– Monetary Transactions
– Loans
– Money Laundering

7. Incentives
– Grants for Investments
– Grants for Research and Development Projects
– Grants for Hiring Personnel
– Grants for Foreign Trade (Public Guarantees)
– Other Incentives

8. Public Authorities and Organisations
– Chambers of Commerce and Industry
– Associations
– Business Development Agencies
– Local Government
– Inspecting Authority (Factory Inspectorate and Technical Authorities)

9. Business Taxation
– Company Taxation Basics (Income Tax, Trade Tax, Value Added Tax)
– Taxation of Corporations
– Taxation of Partnerships
– Taxation of Individuals
– Taxation of Permanent Establishments

10. Labour Market
– Finding Suitable Staff
– Flexible Employment Models
– Terms of Employment (Working Time, Salaries and Wages)
– The German Social Security System

11. Legal Framework
– Law of Contract
– Purchase Law (Title Retention)
– Intellectual Property
– Real Estate
– Sales Representative

TargetParticipants get an overview of the German market and investment opportunities including how to open a branch office.
Duration1-2 days
Dateon demand
LanguageEnglish, German, Persian
Venueat RoConsult or in your company
Cost per dayon demand
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